God Is A Scientist

God created all life on Earth and that's the definition of science.
God is there for us and we can always count on him for reliance.
When I tell you that God is a scientist, I'm not trying to deceive.
He knew the secret of life when he gave us hearts that pump blood and lungs that allow us to breathe.
God has the greatest scientific mind in all of creation.
That is a stone cold fact, it is not an observation.
It was science when God put the birds in the sky and the fish in the seas.
It was science when God caused tiny seeds to grow into large trees.
God put his scientific skills to work when he created the sky, oceans, animals and Mankind.
I am grateful to Jehovah because he's wonderful and because of his incredible scientific mind.

Poetry by Randy Johnson
Read 964 times
Written on 2015-09-06 at 21:14

Tags God  Nonfiction  Science 

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BM Barde
Scientificly penned.... very well he is a science even to imagine his powerful ScienceCration way of DivineCommunicatio to man through the Teledevice called the mind in the silence of our heart...