Thought of this while putting on a jacket this morning...then questioning why I was putting on a jacket, seeing as it's spring. It gets really cold up here in New Zealand at really weird times...

Fake Spring Blues

What kind of Spring is it,
when you get a sudden freeze,
and the thermometer outside clearly states,
twenty-eight degrees.

I think we're being lied to,
by Channel Sixty news,
and like it or not,
I think I've got,
the Fake Spring Blues.

What kind of Season is it,
when you get a sudden frost,
you slaved over those plants last week,
now they're all but lost.

All this waiting, all this pacing, you always seem to lose,
when it's cold and it's raining,
and you've got the Fake Spring Blues

Poetry by Lucas
Read 954 times
Written on 2006-05-03 at 00:14

Tags Spring  Cold  Rain 

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It's autumn here in Oz, or should I say the West Island..... (just for all my Kiwi pals out there....LOL) and the weather can be very fickle.... extremely hot in the day and sometimes frosty at night.....

Don't you mean Channel 82 new?? hahah. It's a very funny piece and I completely agreeee!!

Jon Hanover
In my part of the hemispere we are going into summer where you will go into winter. Belive me where I live we get green Decembers and snowstorms in April. I like this, it's a fun piece. Maybe sometime in the future you can add to it or take it in another directio. It's good the way it is, but like mine it sometimes needs a good tweaking to tighten it up.