Joe was a just man

Too bad Joseph
Betrothed but
She bears child
Not yours

Picks up his bags
To walk away discreetly
No fight
No hurling insults
No judgment and
Expression of human pain
As would any man

No tantrum
No threats
No scene
No accusations
No naming and shaming
No parading
Just a let-her-be

Then the unexpected
An emissary from on high
Hey Joe
Hold up
Here's the 411
Yeah man
That's what's up

Who believes in dreams
And angelic visions anyway
But this man turned around
Bore the cross
Kept his peace
What a carpenter

Poetry by Barthoromeopoet
Read 460 times
Written on 2015-09-15 at 01:52

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I really enjoyed this take on the bible story, clever.

I like the simple and sensitive approach of an older, gentle carpenter's caring for a young pregnant woman in those times and in that place where a young girl in her condition would face difficulties. This is a lovely sensitive poem. I like it very much.

Ivan R
A very beautiful take on one of the Bibles more important themes, the immaculate conception, and Joseph being kind of a cuckold, but still keeping time, keeping the oath of acceptance to his young wife, the Virgin Mary ... great write