repent, repent

repent, repent, because the end is near
but let it come because i do not fear
i lived my life in happiness and joy
i had my moments of subtlety and coy
i've been the person who i know i am
never once played one of the lost lambs
i know where i'm from and where i am going
and i know to heaven many people will be vouging
so let the end come because i am set
and there is nothing, absolutely, that i regret

Poetry by Mischa Ash Brookes
Read 639 times
Written on 2006-05-03 at 04:47

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then why repent ? I wonder . Good text though.The two-sentence-rhyme worked well and I like the way the confidence in this poem shine. Had to read it a few .

Zoya Zaidi
What a nice, positive, free flowing
(now that is becoming a habit),
Poem from someone who tough young,
Knows his mind, his heart, and
Above all is positively inclind!
***hugs fdaer Mische!***

It is very delightful to see that you have followed Jesus' word; "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." For that reason you sore on Eagle's Wings towards heaven, and what makes it even more interesting, is the fact that you are only 16. Your poem depicts the warmth of your feelings for our Lord!

i would just like you to compliment you on the use of "coy"
that was very witty

Christian Ward
Welcome to the 'bay, Mischa. I enjoyed reading your poem. Very punchy language and good rythmn.

Keep writing, looking forward to more