Shivers In The Wind

At last I find the ripples longed for in life,
a watery passion which captures love's dreams,
and I sigh; a constant sound, like the wind,
it frightens me sometimes as scenes unfold,
but perfumed scenarios roll, roll and roll,
until I find another smile which delights;
an old sea-dog, weathered by time and beer,
rum and whiskey, and vodka, so dear, so fine.
There have been many women too I declare,
and even the odd man with fair hair bright,
alas I don't mention them or death would call.
Tonight a storm winks across a tired horizon,
its lightning bolts are framed by round sound;
running rumbles that choke life's battered throat,
ragged and weary, it crinkles like dead skin,
but still life wracks its delicate coughing form.
Gasps for air attach themselves to white cliffs
which spin light across the sky's orange beauty,
with a mighty cry I shield these eyes from rain,
then laugh inside because of pain's earthy anguish.
A thousand nights of ragged scars have chased the day,
and skirts have been lifted with ease; wild grace,
to find emotional subservience, a new conquest.

So many ports I have found true love's sails,
and ripped them to tatters with these gnarled hands,
a poet, artist, and beggar too, God's eyes blink
at the things which I have done in lust's name,
but I care not for I am prepared to go to Hell,
for Heaven surely can not accept this weakness.
A siren's song I have heard also as I roamed
cold waves in distant times far behind me now,
I did resist their charms with courage old,
and bold breath that steals another cold drink.
Pirates have tried to whisk away my spirit
but I have sliced their greedy eyes from their face
then laughed out loud as screams decorated clouds,
hot fury has taken my soul, so high, so dry,
to other worlds where demons rest scaled heads,
trophies of mine I keep in hidden, buried chests.

Happiness has quarrelled with madcap sadness,
strange lands have dominated shipmate's whims,
and spears of language I have used so tightly
to strangle creativity's wondrous coral themes.
In shallows and in waters deep I've found
brand new meaty life, and which I then took,
for food to fill this belly now so wide,
it shivers and shimmers like golden coins
in the far off look within a man's aged eye.
Tragedy has befallen me too, my wife departed,
my son, now a full grown man, I have not seen
since he was at his mother's ample breast,
at night I wonder what has become of him,
then shed a tear no more whilst drinking gin.
Oceans of time now separate me from myself,
when I was young and strong, a desperate man,
the waves crashed against this hardened heart,
chiselled wisdom deep into this barrel chest,
swords and bows, both have been crafted
by these hands; aged now by time's generosity,
swirls of aches taunt pains with spiralled creaks
as I now dream of travelling across the stars.
Foundations of knowledge I have won and lost,
for this mind now struggles to remember life,
but all those crazy shapes of love I'll never free,
they're in this heart, full of shivered regret.

Poetry by chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 737 times
Written on 2015-10-05 at 09:40

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Spectacular. An all encompassing life. You paint with a wide brush very well.
2015-10-11 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
these words are so strong... they hit so hard for me, for so many reasons.

Had I the talent to explain it, oh my, how I'd do... but thank you. This is just pristine and beautiful in every way!

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a huge and vibrant canvas you have painted here. I'll need to return many a time to truly digest what my mind conjures up from the reading of it. A central theme seems to be regret. One we all, as we age, succumb to. There is a rollicking
" thumb your nose at the world" buccaneering quality to this;the price of which is weighty. Well written!