Conversation with my Designer

Winters bite in the amazon of flowers,

destiny in the orb of life,
dazed by the beauty,
captured in the picture of the long woods,
emotional conversation with it,

asking it the questions I can't answer...

"Show me where love is!"

The words I scream.....

"Give me reasons to my pain!"

Desperate words I put out...

"Make it stop or let me be gone!"

Close to the end of my patience....

"My heart full of love, no where to send it!"

Wishes from the deepest of my heart.....

"Alone.. Cold... And useless"

Words spoken I say about myself....

Poetry by Alexander
Read 583 times
Written on 2006-05-03 at 18:43

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....the opening line was tops!

This goes beyond 'prayer' and is highly effusive - like some of David's psalms....

just remember alex i love you and i always will you will never be forgtten and you are not useless!!!!
amber lynn