Dedicated to my dog...and all the blissful innocence she brings into my life...

The Ballad of Softpaw

Soft paws,
hard ground,
the ticking clock of time,
given a scent at birth,
followed through the brine.

I love the smell of adventure,
a zephyr through my ears,
I've enjoyed beautiful freedom,
for all my living years.

Yet I long for more than wisdom,
more than wits alone,
yes, I want much more than that,
I want a loving home.

I want a strong old master,
a shelter from the rain,
you must admit,
you can't get that,
wandering the plains.

I want some human children,
to feed me every day,
I want a warm, safe bed,
to which I can lay.

I want to feel comfortable,
when it's cold outside,
and there are no more of those bears,
I won't have to hide.

I want more than the life I lead,
I want a happy home,
because for a dog,
there's no sense,
in dying alone.


The German Shepherd mix we picked up last week has been adopted by Mr. M. Sherman, his wife, and three children. We're happy to hear that "Softpaw" has been given a happy home. For all of you eager pet owners, this beautiful brown and black dog has been taken in. No such luck for you.

Poetry by Lucas
Read 564 times
Written on 2006-05-03 at 20:31

Tags Pets  Dog  Adoption 

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Zoya Zaidi
That again is so cute!
I also loooooooove Dogs!
lOVE,XXX, Zoya

That's very cute!! i <3 dogs!!

Awww, this is so emotional and it!

awww... thats really sweet to write a poem on your dog and that you found a home for a dog how sweet this poem desevers more than a 5!!!!
amber lynn