There's always something terrible happening somewhere. The media and word of mouth just brings it to our attention...but we don't truly understand it.

The Dark Side of Somewhere

Somewhere and sometime,
a child cries,
her face hidden,
behind a web of lies,
of torture, scandal, and clever demise,
her parents are prisoners,
of their own device,
the mother, a killer,
the father, a whore,
what goes on,
behind their dark, closed doors?

Somewhere and sometime,
a mother distraught,
the father a drug dealer,
he's just been caught,
making ends meet,
it's sometimes so hard,
but try telling that,
to cold prison bars.

Somewhere and sometime,
I still have you,
I never would think,
of what I'm about to do,
It's cocked, locked, and I feel sore,
a flash, a bang,
I sink to the floor.

Poetry by Lucas
Read 742 times
Written on 2006-05-07 at 02:33

Tags Suicide  Despair  Sadness 

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I agree with CherryFairy. The last three lines of this poem are like BOOM.

Captivating, intense, at times bitter, but wonderful throughout.

Aww. That's sad but true. It's really good though. and powerful.

...whoa...this was strong...and true...and little children involved in crime is no good...whats sad is while im writing this, a child is being used by their parents in a cimminal act..I dont understad, nor get it, how someone can be so un-human and do such thing to a little child...
Im wery impressed that you write this good text at the age of 15. You should never stop writing, cos it really great writing...