For someone very special. -11th February 2016.

Tall skies.

Of tall skies
And blushing Sakura
that tread beneath us,
That long promise will take breath,
It will find our smiles
Drifting above our heads.
The Hanami season
In full influence -
The roseate glow in your eyes.
My princess;
We have found our place
By swaying Sakura
And those tall skies.
Perhaps we could dance
Here all night, by the moon
and the hopeful fireflies.




Sakura - Cherry Blossom.
Hanami - Flowering viewing.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 828 times
Written on 2016-02-11 at 13:03

Tags Love 

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Love the title, the whole piece is full of beauty, love and nature. A special piece for your special person.

I love that the metaphors in your poems thread them together so powerfully, yet so delicately that they never fell forced or labored. This poem practically dances along yet is so structured and precise. Very beautiful.