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Dreams of Spring

Naughty of you to visit me
In my dreams after all these years..." wow. very pleasant and decent appreciation of love! I liked this poem so much dear friend


sorry. I forgot to rate the poem. this is to express my rating ......shankar


very nice and thought provoking poem indeed! Loneliness is a boon to think about togetherness. When alone, if we think the happy moments we spent while we are together or with people. Nobody is alone. if we feel alone at any tinme we have to blame for the lonliness.
love to others is the primary requirement and that guarantees the happy feeling of togetherness. thank you for sharing your views on 'lonliness' and provoked so many to nice discussion. pen on more of this kind. wish you fine day!

You forgot to wait for me at the end of the rainbow

Dear Natalia, neat and beautiful piece of poetry!

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

There is still a light at the end of the dark tunnel" The phlosophy of life is well reflected in htese lines. Yes. life is a rainbow when we live live and desert devoid of any greenery. But, with hope we can reach the edge of the tunnel and see the light bright!

The girl on the hill

"Save her only is the man down hill"
wow. dear Kid, your last line reflect the strenth of love and dedication in love! Thank you dear Kid for sharing .

I feel your beating heart beneath the crystal stars

Really a great write on abc of love.When it's cold outside
We cuddle under the covers" so beautiful imagery. I like your poem and glad. pen on dear Nataalia./////ceegeeess