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52 years old from England

The latest comments that Nige has written.

Once Upon A Time

a good write and a good read, i enjoyed the first stanza when you posted it on my FB wall. thanks for shareing bud.

This Man I met

This is brilliant, i am jelouse, it flows perfectly,could i be that man,if so, i long to give you another hot ride.:O)..with passion in the sadle and lust at our side..xx

Tired Sweetness

This makes me want to run accros the ocean to give you a cuddle jackie..xx


am smileing in the summer sun..:O)

Dancing desire

seductive to the last,,am afraid i now desire a dance with you..:O)

I Miss You!

i miss you too my little nugget..:O)

so who is the poem for..do tell..go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on..tell me..:O)

Higher Heights

a sweet read made me smile thnxs..:O)

Living with Panicanxiety

after reading this i just want to give you a big hug and try to explain the meaning of life to you,,but i cant because i hav not found the answer for myself yet..:O)

great write hun.

Give Up Living Life

oh hunni iwanna giv you a hug now...:O(


I finished it intime and made time to smile..:O) Quality write..

Summers infinity

i want to lay down beneth a tree in the country side and listen to you read this poem..:O)

My Heart IS Your Safe Haven

My soul is reborn in your mindfull wisdom, my hart congratulates you in your gentle touch..:O)

In Spirit, You Are Not Alone[For Nige]

am overwhelmed with emotion for you have taken my hart and placed it within your word. beautifull and superbly poetic.

Lifes delight

this is an excellent writing,i have read it 5 times now and will be able to read it over and over again knowing it will give me the same pleasure.

A soul that crys through the eye's, can kiss with a stare.:O)

Torturers Of Our Own Soul[Co-Write With A.R.Glasgow

Brilliant!. no more words could follow.

Laying With Cawing Ravens

i realy enjoy reading this it makes me smile and then i get a lump in my throught and i want to give you a cuddle.:O)


this is realy powerfull hun and says alot, i have been working on war related peice for a while now, having experienced it first hand
and having to fight all my life i hope it comes out with as much meaning as what you have written..

congrats wonderfull..

Sayings for a modern world

A soul that crys through the eyes can kiss with a gaze..:O)