Living with Panicanxiety

What I feel I can hardly say
What I think I cant explain
because of what is real in this life
is a struggle behind my eyes
The eyes that fears the unknowned
of thoughts made by imagination
I can hardly say or either explain
this frightening fear again

Poetry by Malin Johansson
Read 1241 times
Written on 2009-07-05 at 15:41

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I think you explained it very clearly, sometimes when we walk
down a road and it contains so much thought, so much to take in, we can only give glimspes of what we behold and even though there are things on the road we don't see we can still communicate the unknown so clearly and let the reader see differently.

after reading this i just want to give you a big hug and try to explain the meaning of life to you,,but i cant because i hav not found the answer for myself yet..:O)

great write hun.

Sis just open your eyes and your heart ...don't be scared!!!there are lot's of people who keep lovin' you...GOD BLESS YOU!


thought provoking yet very true.