the perils of changing class status for the romantic hero. This was one of my first poems on poetbay and it bombed last time so a repost.
a little bit of cheekiness for my friend lolololol

High Society Lady by M.A.Meddings

High Society Lady.

By M.A.Meddings

She was silkily tall
Her breasts rather small
Were exquisitely shaped nonetheless

She knew how to walk
To elicit men's talk
Especially attired in that dress

A fine socialite beauty
And quite far beyond me
Who's manner was awfully 'posh'

She had lips that enraptured
And eyes that encaptured
The heart of this man oh! by gosh!

I first saw her at evenin'
By the pool in the garden
And she smiled as she passed me by

A sophisticate lady
Who might just maybe
Encourage enough just to try

So with appropriate aplomb
I just happened upon
Her standing alone by the wood

She appeared dreadfully sad
And I was quite glad
To engage her converse if I could

There was nothing between us
Save a statue of Venus
And I nonchalantly leant there to woo her

Then a nice chat up line
So well practiced with time
May have made me appear like a poser

It most decidedly worked
For rather than shirk
She accepted my romantic offer

I'd collect her at nine
And we would then dine
Suggesting that I might then proffer

Then with heaps of fine grace
She revealed her soft lace
As her décolletage she uncovered

By slipping her gown
Just two buttons down
She rendered me all hot and bothered

At the base of her throat
Like a man in a boat
A pulse lay softly beating

So I couldn't resist
It so yearned to be kissed
And my lips attempted first meeting

Then with less than good grace
She slapped my fool face
And assured me she wasn't that easy

For there was another
And of course not her brother,
He hadn't the need to be sleazy

And here is the truth
A fact I might rue
A matter of life for the startin'

How can a man
With a Ford Escort van
Compete with a Green Aston Martin

Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-05-27 at 11:22

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Kathy Lockhart
Stilll giggling at your humble-pie! Even that's endearing!!! :) kathy

Quirky and great!! Love it!

You do well in reposting your first poems!They were neglected before. It is very nice to see them getting the attention they deserve!

This was one of the first poems I read of yours when we first met on CP. It is easy to see why I fell in love with your poetry at once! Just wonderful.


Kathy Lockhart
This is funny and written just right! I loved the humble pie. Very good. I am giggling here. : } kathy

Malin Johansson
This one was so great... I just love it...
It's bookmarked...:))

Dan Cederholm

Hello loverBoy *LOL*

You are so good to express the thougths!!!

This ONE takes the thinking so long . . . -.

that I just go back in the chair and *LOL*

You just got me, there betven the lines . . .

good jobb Mike!!!

Regards Dan