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Tom Farrell

from USA

The latest comments that Tom Farrell has written.

The Waitress at the Hooters Up the Street

Sad and touching portrait of a young soul who scores well in marketing her burgers ...... you integrate so many facets of her life but we feel sadness for all she isn't .... in her journey through life!

Chestnut Candles

wonderful poem ..... its flow and meter and message colorful and positive ..... delightful and disciplined!

the trysting tree

Delightful poem .... I particularly like
"where bobbing boats
and the surf manes
of wild horses
rode to shore
a startled hare
bound o'er the ditch"

Tom Farrell

The Jockey

My money had been on By Jove! ...... It is a delightful poem and you show good use of meter and rhyme in a whisical way!

I need to read more of you work! Great poem!

Tom Farrell

New Speaker

my stocks are down, the rain keeps falling, Noah is handing out flyers in the grocery store and building planks and hanging around the pet stores talking to the tenants ...

I feel you pain .... and look for hope!


Snake Skin Revelations

Sometimes freedom is knowing the person that you have become and saying goodbye to those circumstances that are no longer a part of who you were! Praise God and you too!



Great chapter one! ..... we wait for the next episode!

10 Second Poems

Powerfully delightful and ever so true! and now with poetbay we get to do it with rhyme and meter or cadenced verse!

Following Ravens Of Shadow

civilized insanity ..... a wonderful concept ..... structured in purpose and utility kind of sanctifies its reason for acceptance!

Lovely meter and theme!

Write on!