For my sins, I like the odd flutter on the horses and this poem attempts to convey the sometimes mystical thrill of horse racing.

The Jockey

Brightly coloured manikin of fate,
Standing high in the starting gate,
Fancy cap tassled with a lady's favour,
Goggles steam up with the horse's vapour,
Taut body sweats in lurid silks bright,
Hands grip the reins white-knuckle tight ,
Burnished boots point down to the turf,
The gates open - ride for all you're worth!
Go on, scorch the Devil's dirt,
Kick like Hell or I'll lose my shirt,
All my money is on your back,
Please put me in the black,
Come on, you're doing swell,
Listen, there's the last furlong bell!
Go on, go on you're doing fine,
Only yards to the finishing line,
Watch out, the favourite's coming,
It's Pegasus hooves are drumming,
Don't let him catch you in the dip,
Come on, man, use your whip,
Ride him out with all your strength,
By Jove, you've won by half a length!

Chris Fernie, 2009

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 460 times
Written on 2009-06-23 at 00:01

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Hee Hee

I prefer Greyhounds - Horses
are too unpredictable lol

But I enjoyed this :)


Tom Farrell
My money had been on By Jove! ...... It is a delightful poem and you show good use of meter and rhyme in a whisical way!

I need to read more of you work! Great poem!

Tom Farrell