Chestnut Candles

Our glorious horse chestnut tree, we love the whole year through.
A towering think of beauty, from a conker brown it grew.

This was many years ago, beneath the earth it sent,
a tiny green shoot upwards, a miracle Heaven lent!

Majestic now it towers, over hedgerow, field and verge,
in Spring we wait to see the first candle plumes emerge!

Candle-blossoms light the tree, in white or pink or cream,
I never saw a lovelier sight, not even in a dream!

There's something very special about this wondrous sight,
a treat from nature every Spring, lit by candles bright.

But if you care to climb the tree, to take a closer peek,
you may see the Chestnut fairy, playing hide-and-seek!

A charming little tree sprite, amidst the blossoms she belongs,
the blackbirds often join her and serenade her with their songs.

So please don't go a-conkering, not 'til Autumn's here,
that's the fairy's message, I hope it's loud and clear

Poetry by normalil
Read 1101 times
Written on 2009-05-01 at 20:09

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ngaio Beck
When a child my Grandfather would teke me to the family plot,to sit beneath the glorious Chestnut.

Tom Farrell
wonderful poem ..... its flow and meter and message colorful and positive ..... delightful and disciplined!

Chris Fernie
Dear Normalil,

I love your whimsical and nostalgic sentiments, though I appreciate the serious message in your poems. Have you ever been compared to Pam Ayres?

Cheers, Chris

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
They are beautiful at present - I love this poem - The horse chestnut comes into its glory I think in spring

Elle x