I was lucky enough, this week, to visit Buckingham Palace, and see the special exhibition of some of the Queen's personal diamond jewellery. This a special exhibition to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Wonderful.

The Queen's Diamonds.

There were diamonds all a-dangle
pearls scattered here and there.
All these lovely treasures made
for our Queen to wear.

I think it's very kind of her
to put them on display.
I went down to the Palace
and it really made my day.

Glass cases in a darkened room
all lit up from within.
Each exhibit just sparkled
and got me in a spin!

Queen Victoria's tiny crown
with diamond sparks just gleams
with almost 2 thousand diamonds
it's often in my dreams.

There were several tiaras
I knew each one quite well,
but to see them there for real
cast a most Majestic spell.

The Coronation Necklace
must be seen to be believed.
A thousand diamond rainbows
that I saw them, I'm relieved.

There were diamonds and emeralds
which glowed with brilliant green...
"The Delhi Durbar Necklace,"
on our Queen it's often seen.

I felt so very privileged
to enter our Queen's home.
I stayed in there for hours
just staring at each stone!

And when I dragged myself away -
another treat in store,
we had tea in the Palace gardens,
Oh who could ask for more!

Poetry by normalil
Read 1101 times
Written on 2012-09-15 at 00:01

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Ferenc Inigo Beck
A stunning narrative,of a tour I will never get to take.
Thank you Norma Lil

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
It seemed to have inspired you to write a jewel of a poem


Well it obviously left its mark on someone thats for sure, it sounds as if it truly was a magical day and more so brought to life for the rest of us by your lovely poem~Graham.

What a fabulous day and so well recorded in rhyme, much enjoyed.