The first write of mine on Poetbay, some 9 years ago, was entitled, "My Garden." Here is an update! Sad but true.


There are robins in my garden,
sparrows, blue tits too.
From out my kitchen window
used to be my favourite view.

But the sparrowhawk comes calling,
like a supersonic jet.
I've tried to thwart his actions
but I haven't managed yet.

The crafty hawk has learned to come
he visits every day.
He sees the feeders in my trees
as his "fast food take-away."

I have to take it on the chin,
nature can be cruel.
Dog eat dog and bird eat bird,
each living thing needs fuel.

I can cope with cruel nature,
though I sometimes shed a tear...
it's human interference
that's the worst thing now, round here.

Behind my little bungalow,
the Council thought it wise
to build enormous family homes,
the sight now blights my eyes.

Built too close for comfort,
towering overhead -
tenants shouting, swearing,
it fills my heart with dread.

Loud "music" in the summer,
screaming kids galore.
I wish that there was still the peace
that once was here before.

Satellite dishes now adorn
the view I see each dusk and dawn.
My garden now, I just avoid,
my life, of pleasure now devoid.

Rural England's disappearing,
our Green Belt being raped.
It seems our local planners
from Assylums have escaped!

Poetry by normalil
Read 1152 times
Written on 2015-07-13 at 14:02

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
This was such a joy to read. Nice rhymes and clever references :) The type of stuff I like.

I read this and your first poem, 'My Garden', normalil. There's so much happiness in 'My Garden' that this piece is all the more poignant in contrast.
I like the rhymes and the contrasting forms of hawks and songbirds, which seem to echo in your description of vast new homes looming over your bungalow. It's a very difficult situation and I hope it can be resolved, somehow.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I am lucky where I live that as yet it has not been encroached upon and my garden is alive with birds and red squirrels and rabbits - but I know what you mean, even over here you see micro estates being built, no gardens, too many on too small a plot, all crowded in. Sad, space has become a premium

Elle x

So sad! I am seeing it happen in my own corner of the world where parrots would cover the sky in the mornings and howler monkeys would sing their songs only a year ago. Now with the developers cutting trees and ravaging the land, I see only a handful of parrots and a lonely monkey in the distance.
This is such a beautiful and timely poem. Love it.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
A wonderful poem - a poem of today in what used to be '' England's green and pleasant land ''.
You could recruite gulls , read the other week how gulls have Leurnt to form a BIG wing ( reff RAF WW2 )A Sparrowhawk had moved in. On seeing The Big Wing - the sparrowhawk left in a hurry ;)!
Ken :)