This poem is available to view in a slideshow on youtube. I tried to post the link, but failed. If you search for "norma southwood" on youtube, you'll find it.


The precious little honey bee,
with pollen she seems covered.
But take a closer look and see -
she's absolutely smothered!

Her pollen packs are bursting,
full of flowery gold.
She really is a miracle,
if the truth is to be told.

With golden cargo laden,
she rushes off to store
this treasure in the honeycomb,
then dashes off for more.

Through the Summer sunshine
she goes buzzing to and fro,
in town and country gardens,
or by the old hedgerow.

Sisters hunt for nectar sweet
and sticky in each bloom.
Delivered to the bee hive,
'twill be honey really soon.

In Winter they're not seen much,
worker bees do not grow old.
They soon succumb and die
when exposed to wet and cold.

They spend the Winter huddled
in swarm around the Queen.
Within the hive this miracle
is by humans rarely seen.

They work their way along each row
of golden honeycomb.
The fruits of Summer labours,
which their sisters all brought home.

.So clever are these creatures,
yet how abused they are.
Weird disease and strange disorders
afflict them near and far.

Scientists blame pesticides,
or mobile phone-line waves.
Despite the warnings I am shocked
mankind still mis-behaves!

Without these busy workers,
our race is doomed they say.
Disaster striking bee hives,
will affect us all one day.

So listen politicians,
as these creatures face demise,
for their fate is linked to ours and will
bring us to our knees.

Westminster listen to us now,
as you plunder Public Purse,
the bees will die and I can't think
of anything much worse.

Please Gordon Brown and cronies,
forget your foreign tours.
For the fate of Nature's honey bee
is also mine and yours...

Poetry by normalil
Read 1304 times
Written on 2009-08-23 at 14:46

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This is wonderful ! I just have one critique in the following: So listen politicians,
as these creatures face demise,
for their fate is linked to ours and will
bring us to our knees.

"demise" and "knees" should rhyme according to the rest of your poem. If this is what you intended on, I understand. I just wanted to point this out. I know I'm guilty of it myself. Thank you for sharing !

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Norma Lil...

A honey of a poem

xxx Stan

This is a great little poem about a modern dilema - I'm sure they are right about cell phones and wish everyone would chuck them! They intrude on life 24/7. The poem has a busy, frenetic feeling of the bee at work and perhaps its race for survival.

I always plant borage every year, because the bees can't get enough of it. Watching them drill so efficiently into the tiny blue flowers never ceases to fascinate me. They provide us with lessons in focus and precision. Enjoyed the poem.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I so agree Norma, sadly I'm allergic to the stings of bees, so I have to be very careful - but I try my best in my garden to ensure that they have their space and what they need - we need them and stings or no stings we should and we can co exist if we try - now off to look at your presentation on you tube

Elle x

NicholasG v=FBYC1LXkC04

This is an extremely good presentation with some lovely guitar playing and super photos.

I have spent the summer removing grass and planting clover so the bees have plenty of flowers.
Lovely poem with very sound advice. Unfortunately prerequisites to being a leader these days include shortsightedness and deafness.
Vive les bees!!

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
A sweet and bountiful poem , Norma. All life is interdependent on each other. Loose one species we loose others. Leading to us , supposedly the highest species of all. Well written well put over , Norma.

Ken ( D Williams )