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Andrew Bindon

The latest comments that Andrew Bindon has written.

Groundless ground (in gratitude to Lee Braver)

Thank you for being kind and encouraging, Bibek.

Ring cycle

Thank you for encouragement, Jamsbo Rockda.


Thanks Ashe. :-)


Thank you for encouragement, Elle !


Thanks for the comment, Ashe

After Descartes

Thanks, Rob. I corrected that.

Am planning to write more verses but this is all I have time for today.

Also think it needs to be tempered with the other side of the argument... otherwise I sound like a grumpy old man. Whereas actually I am "extremely liberal".

The next poem after this one

As often is the case, Rob, you are too funny!


The next poem after this one

Thank you, Mark, that is very encouraging.
Such a kind thing to say: "gentle brilliance".
Blessings be on you!


The heart of my self

Thank you, Bjanka. 8-)

Pacifist suicide bomber

Well said, Ken.

Thank you.

Because you're worth it

Yes. It is an insult disguised as compliment.

A lot of marketing works like that.

But the "because you're worth it" slogan is the worst I have seen for many years.

It is the complete opposite of the magnificent Mastercard advertising "for everything else there is Mastercard".

The Mastercard ads are as good as the "because you're worth it" ads are awful.

The mastercard ads acknowlegde "there are some things in life that money can't buy... for everything else there is mastercard" ... sheer genius.

I would like to see a cosmetic ad campaign that says something along the lines of: "There's a kind of beauty in the human soul that cosmetics can't touch ... for everything else there is L'Oreal" ... or whatever.

Three choices I don't have

What I describe as the "fairer choice" is not just actually impossible by a priori impossible.

But never mind.


Love first

Hi Chapter One!

Yes, I agree, I think. I agree in the sense that I create a series of false dichotomies and come down one the one side of each of them.

However just because there is no rational sense in doing that, does not mean that there is no poetic sense in doing it. And my feeling is that there is poetic sense in this.

Even so, I am glad that you (and others I hope) find ways to bring love in politics and everything else, rather than having to choose between these. Thank you for responding. 8-)

How I do hate the poetry of others

@Amy. That can just be our secret. 8-)

To do list

Yeah, well I'd say its a fairly flexible list, as far as I'm concerned.

As long as we get the all the important ones in there, you can have as much ice cream as you like.


How I do hate the poetry of others

Thank you very much, Phyllis.

That is very encouraging.

Abstract nouns

@KJC "So how does one give up the addiction of abstract nouns?"

My best guess is that the easiest way to give up any addiction is to allow myself to be taken over by some other addiction or set of addictions.

From a particular point of view, we could think of all our behaviours as addictions; they fight it out with each other for control over our time. In order to be freed from an undesired addiction, the easiest solution is to allow ourself to be overtaken other addictions.

How I do hate the poetry of others

That's funny, Rob!

Coming to meet you

Thanks, Eli.

This poem is an example of "be ... kinder ... than necessary"


My Shell

What was inside that you needed to protect from getting hurt?