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31 years old from Hungary

The latest comments that kata has written.

Damn the pizza guy

cute and funny all in one! great write!

The Light Side of Somewhere

a great read. i love it.
"slowly and gently,
I turn my weathered face,
and receive the guilty warmth,
of your heavenly embrace."
i thought that was the best part.

Of School (and the tragedy of those afflicted by it)

awesome. i like the pledge. hopefully mrs.grove doesn't read it...

Sweet Passion

lol. funny, cute. i love it.


wow... that's deep. "its the tingling shock that goes over your body that, only for a second, freazes in place when you feel the touch of her" (also, him, for me) "hand". i also agree w/ poeticprocrastiantion. it makes you really want to experience it if you already haven't.