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30 years old from Sweden

The latest comments that Oskar has written.

Soooo Alone

Heheh.. a nice compilation of adjectives.. If she broke your heart she wasn't the one.

I would've changed the end to:
"But apart from that I'm GREAT.

That's just a thought.. don't listen to me =P. Nice way to express feelings.. (a lot of feelings)


Ok.. you will never love like that again; but you will love in a true way.. If somebody broke your heart like that--it's not the right person. Because there is someone perfect for you ;)

You will love again!

A very strong text. I feel very sorry when I read it.. Really good!

Time is out

Very open.. I'm trying to understand the background.. but it's nothing more than thoughts.
Well, very nice..


Oh.. the deep feeling of grief in this text caught me. Really strong.. I'm impressed.

In the Masters plan

You're not just writing amazing poems in Swedish.. This English works are really good too.

I like this texts thoughts.. Despite I can't find the rhythm I want in some parts; I really like it..
Though your Swedish poems are a little bit better..

Life is a precious gift!*(For All)

Wow.. U read my thoughts and wrote them here.. This is beautiful. "She" referred me here after she'd read my poem "Unreality"

"What you have is 'now'
Don't spoil your 'now' for
For the dead past!"

Stunning poem!

May she be better than me

Wow... why hasn't these texts appeared on "poeter.se"? Your English is really good, and your way to express feelings in eng-poems are almost as good as in the Swedish ones.. ;)