I see it everywhere; it's in the air! So, many of my beloved friends are angry, disillusioned, disappointed with life...they want to end it...without realizing that it is a precious gift*...this for all those friends of mine...a plea!

Life is a precious gift!*(For All)

Life is a precious gift,
Life is given to us but once,
Realize its value,
Realize it's fun!
Life is strife,
Face it!
Life is a strive,
Make it!
Life is there for everyone!
Life is a challenge,
You have to take!
Life is struggle,
You have to face!
Life is Sacrifice,
You have to make!
Life is a Sorrow,
You have to overcome!
Life is grief,
Please don't succumb!
Life is a beauty too,
You have to appreciate!
Life is a love,
You have to enjoy!
Life is a joy,
That keeps you buoy,
In this vast ocean of Time,
Keeps you afloat,
When you are heavy with grief,
Burdened with a thousand care!
Demons of past may haunt you,
But, what is past is past,
What you have is 'now'
Don't spoil your 'now' for
For the dead past!
What you have is future,
Beckoning you, shining bright,
Calling you into its fold,
Answer the call of future now!
You cannot control your past,
But you have your future in your hand,
With all its promises,
With all it has to offer you,
You've only got to realize it!
You have only got to recognize it!

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

*Inspired by Bhagavad Geeta's Philosophy of "Life"

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1770 times
Written on 2006-03-01 at 05:14

Tags Hope 

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Amy Buchanan
I feel the same way about life. I believe all life on earth is the greatest treasure, having more value than riches such as gold. The "Greatest Treasure" is the title of my book of poetry on Amazon. I wish every single person on Earth felt the same way you do in your poem. When I was fifteen, I almost died three times from a severe asthma attack. I struggled each time to live. Because of this my life is very precious to me. I believe your poem needs to be sent to every person on Earth, if that were possible!

Amanda K
you said clearly wut does life mean and it does mean a lot.thx for wiritng such a wonderful piece.

love and hugz,

Catherine Stout
WOOO-WEEE! Amen, hallelujah! I agree! Live your life for what it's worth, don't throw out like a soda can!

this one made me feel wonderful!!! you are a beautiful poet and i love you to death!!! amber lynn

Wow Zoya. I guess I have taken part of that poem. Feel very bad for what I did. I almost left this wonderful place. I promise you, it will never happen again. But this poem is incredible. Like it came from the heart of a wonderful flower, and it did. It came from you Zoya. This piece of writing is just truly breath taking.


Malin Johansson
I got very inspired by this text...
this part I really liked:

Life is a challenge,
You have to take!
Life is struggle,
You have to face!
Life is Sacrifice,
You have to make!
Life is a Sorrow,
You have to overcome!
Life is grief,
Please don't succumb!

GREAT written and so true!!!

(( hugs dear ))

How inspirational!! Words to live by, my friend.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
A wonderful sentiment. Conveyed with beautiful artistry.

otteri selvakumar
Loveley and loving poem of life...

Zoya keep it up...

Wow.. U read my thoughts and wrote them here.. This is beautiful. "She" referred me here after she'd read my poem "Unreality"

"What you have is 'now'
Don't spoil your 'now' for
For the dead past!"

Stunning poem!

John Ashleigh
A pushful poem, a poem that stop a suicide attack with just a zephyr on politeness.

Fanstastic poem xxxx (check my poem ;The idiom)


Always a jewel to read, you inspire, captivate and pour your elegant and priceless cup of poetry upon us dear Zoya!

*inhales the fragrance of your beauty*

Love to you my sister of heart


liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank You Zoya
for caring so much.

Oh, like sweet nectar, I drink your words! This is lovely, Zoya! Life is precious indeed! I would say I love a certian part of it, but I love it all!!

Funny thing is that I was wondering this very morning why I have life and what value it is for me........then I know now
"Life is a joy,
That keeps me buoy.....
When I am heavy with grief,
Burdened with a thousand care"
Thanx Zoya.You are a gem.

It's so true, life is what you make it and it's never as easy as one would think.

Thanks for this, a really good poem. =)

c g shankar
Sweet Zoyz dear! Your philosophy of life is wonderful and I am drowned in wonder how such an innocent beauty could visualise the life , a saga! You are a store house of brilliant ideas and chiseled counseller poet on the bay,poetbay!you look very tender and sensitive with such mature thoughts inside! Wonderful you are! All my admiration and loveto you! ((((((hugs and love))))))shankar

yes it is ... life wasn't meant to be asy ... hold your head up high and smile , for you and I only have this one life ( on Earth ) , so we must cherish and love one another the best we can . Well written and meant Z . Cheers ! Glen