OK, its been a long, long time... just found this poem in my laptop... posting it as it is, because just don't remember writing... in what mood I wrote? So, here it is...

Troubled Soul

When the soul is troubled
The heart far from peaceful
When the spirit is down
A hollow feeling grips you
As if something is missing
Some thing's left behind somewhere
on the path of life:
Something you really craved for
And all your life was a strive
towards that something
you wanted with all your might...

But as the time passes the desire dims
The passion cools
Senses kind o' become numb
And you wonder:
Was it really you, who
Desired so strongly, so patiently?
Then, where did that passion go?
Where did the flame lose its glow?
Where did my enthusiasm,
Where did my dreams go?
Why do I feel so low?

And then something happens
Some one knocks at your door
New hope begins to take shape
Your heart slowly and gradually
begins to grow...
For no apparent reason
your face is aglow...
Spirit fills with desires, of
Ill-defined dimensions,
Of ere unknown feelings
Sometimes tender, sometimes fearful,
Fearful of losing the entire thing altogether...

And you become a slave of your own desire
But, you don't want to let it go
You cling to it with all your power
The little straw of hope becomes
Your arc on the sea of life
And though tossed hither and tither
You keep afloat some how
Till one day, a strong gush of wind
A gale of ill will, with one stoke of fate
Sweeps you off your feet
You sink in your own sea of desire
In that unavoidable cog mire
Called doom, destiny, life inevitability...


Author Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
08.09. 2014
? Completed on 10.09.2014
Photo: 'Sunset over my Balcony' by and : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1618 times
Written on 2015-03-18 at 21:02

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I read you after a long time. This poem is so inspiring that I read it twice. When your spiritual spirit is high, you can complete it. Otherwise, you edit it with some climactic line.

Zoya, how well I know that feeling you have described! I am glad you reposted this lovely poem. It certainly deserves to be read from time to time.