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30 years old from USA

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my friend

im really sorry, and it wasnt just for fun, i just didnt think ok? im sorry. if i thought about it i would have come face to face but i didnt think and i didnt mean to hurt you! you know i would NEVER EVER hurt u intentionally.....on purpose..... you have every right to be mad @ me and im trully surprised that your not

ONLY YOU CAN...(Love Knight and Love Angel)

awww that is soo sweet, i really wish i had what you guys have!! it brings hope knowing that at least a few people are happy in the world thank you and God bless!!

"One Night(Love Knight, The Charmed One, and ark Angel)"

omg i loved it, it was really really deep yet oh so true, all of you are truelly visionaries!!!


i love it...i wish i could help though sorry your mom was a deadbeat..hope things got better later in life!!


its really good, meaningfull...thats the word i was looking for earlier!! but anyway, i love it..i hope you no longer feel that way, im sure there are alot of people in this world that care about you

you dont know me

i absolutley love it!!
brings things into perspective
it is so true!!

your love

i LOVE it very .....i cant find the word right now, not sad, not depressing, but not happy either, its just really really good hope things get better!!