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So this is where you get to learn about me. How exciting. Well, you might as well know that I am a sixteen-year-old girl named Anna, and I'm fairly normal aside from the fact that I like Russian literature and have a deep distaste for romance.

I write in most genres, though I can't be funny for more than three contiguous paragraphs, and poetry isn't really my strong suit, either. The poems here are a testament to the times I've had writer's block. Feel free to be as harsh as you like with whatever I've written. The worst that can happen is that you will break my heart and I'll go cry in some corner until I realize you're right. No damage done.

Anna Watkin

34 years old from USA


"I'll take a middle-length drama, please. Dynamic characters and situations, yes. Romance and cliché, no. Oh, and hold the sap. I'm deathly allergic."