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TEMPUS FUGIT...sometimes

I love to see Latin worked in to poetry. You're right; time can't seem to establish a steady pace. I've noticed that this is especially true when I'm running. :( Good work on this. I enjoyed reading it.

Dear Cupid

I love it. A complaint letter to Cupid. I'm sure many people would like to write one. Let's see...Cupid's superiors...that's probably Venus. You'll run in to the family thing, then, and she'll ignore you. So you may have to go straight to Jupiter, but then, he rather likes Venus, too. Juno's probably your only hope...*rambles off the rest of the pantheon* Anyway, great poem.


*Does the "hooray for Greek mythology" dance.* Tiresias is one of my favorite figures. I really liked how you referenced the events of his life and then sort of brought it into the reader's personal life, making Tiresias an actual guide. I really enjoyed it.

Do you remember?

Very nice twist at the end. I really enjoyed this poem. It's insightful, melancholy, and effectively sentimental. Excellent work.