For in the small grasses of my homeland lived Tiresias
A man, nay woman, nay man who saw everything
But could not see
The wisest off all he could not see
And most knowing of the things he could

Could thee tell your tomorrows apart?
Nay, but old Tiresias could
Kings asked the blind man for guidance

So many has the blind one guided
Only to hear them stray from his path
Each one leading to the one they call Hades

Why can you not follow the guidance of the Blind One?

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 602 times
Written on 2007-02-15 at 04:21

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Kathy Lockhart
well told with captivating thoughts, ideas, and images. more, more

Anna Watkin
*Does the "hooray for Greek mythology" dance.* Tiresias is one of my favorite figures. I really liked how you referenced the events of his life and then sort of brought it into the reader's personal life, making Tiresias an actual guide. I really enjoyed it.