Key of D major---D-Ds-B-A-B-Cs-Bf-A

I've got you

All the blue skies hanging on the ceiling
Feeling like it's almost June
And in your eyes, my heart it starts a wheelin'
Love will surely be here soon

All the green grass growing in the meadow
Are shadowed by the cry of the loon
But with your eyes, you string me like Gepetto
Love will surely be here soon

When it rains, I don't worry
When it storms, ain't no hurry
I don't mind fighting the war
When I've got you

But when it rains, I don't worry
When it storms. ain't no hurry
Life wastes away waiting for God to throw down his ladder
What does it matter?
When I've got you

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 805 times
Written on 2009-12-11 at 23:49

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Amna Ehsan
what else could have been said to express the deepest of your inside heartfelt longing for the luckiest her...
One of the finest romantics here to read!

Hello dear Michael, we've got you, and thank heaven for it!

Finely tuned romantics

Smiling at you