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jordan nicole.extreme trust issues.hides my emotions.my mom left.my dads a former pill popper.i have the best friends in the world.poet.songwritter.manic depression.insomnia.broken heart.dissapointment.singer.actress.takes care of everyone.cares to much.doesnt cut. hates fakers.takes care of herself.been emotionally hurt by all the adults in her life.music.doesn't understand happiness.(aim) xbelievexisaxlie

Jordan Nicole

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Heart Burn (7) - 2005-08-20
Please don't leave. (1) - 2005-08-20
Stranger (1) - 2005-08-20
I'm glad you came (a memoir) (2) - 2005-08-20
Her Decison. (3) - 2005-08-20