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I came from the central island of the Philippines called Panay.Specifically, I am a native of Jaro, Iloilo City. My love for poetry started since my junior high school years. I was a songwriter first before I concentrated to poetry. My Spare times were always spent on writing songs, poems and watercolor painting. I have already won six songwriting competitions in my country. Four of those songs were aired over the Bombo Radyo and Star FM radio stations in the Philippines for the past six years. I am a romantic guy who loves to write love songs and poems. But in the course of time, I tried to deal with other topics. I am also a naturalist.
I always believe that poetry is the language of the soul and it mirrors what the author thinks about his surroundings. Somehow It windows the beauty of how society survives through the test of time. I love reading Henry David Thoreau's poems, Carl Sanburg, and Walt Whitman.

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla

57 years old from Thailand


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