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Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla

58 years old from Thailand

The latest comments that Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla has written.

Vista pruning(revised)

I also lost a parent and I felt the same. You reminded me of my great father. Thanks for sharing my friend. How are you now?

Why Santa Is A Bachelor

Its a mind tickling question my friend. Is he really a bachelor? I am really curious. Happy new Year my friend.

January 2, 2011

Not Enough

I guess if this is the kind of treatment you will get from someone you think you love, better leave him or her. You deserve another one who can cherish and treasure you with all his or her heart. Don't you think? thanks for sharing my friend!

Summer Blooms

When everythings growing and verdantly nourish, everything then becomes full of hope. and when there is hope, everythings possible. great ideas my friend. thanks for sharing.

An Unromantic Love Poem

It is like falling in love again. How sweet this is? Thanks for sharing my friend. Its been a long time. How's everything?

Beautiful Soul

my dear friend,

I don't know to explain what I feel but your words reminded me of my long lost friend. On the other side nothing is permanent here on earth.Somehow one must be prepared to face the future.

Great write my friend!

Must we lie?^

Necessity sometimes demands for it. But reality says, you have to overcome your mind set. To tell the truth is then a heroic act. So, conquer your fears and tell the fact. Great write my friend!

My Surrender

I felt I was elated to the seventh heaven upon reading your poem. I love these lines particularly"

Why does my heart ripple like a pebble across a placid pond?
You opened a gate I thought was forever closed
Making me believe in the power of love
And when you unlocked the poetry of my soul
Disarming these walls of stone
Stripping me of every defense
My utter vulnerbility revealed


I fell so helplessly
In love with you " Tongue tied, I was. Very very romantic!

Dream That Will Never Be

A dream will always be a dream if it will not be put into action. I guess it will sound sweet, romantic and heavenly beautiful if it becomes a reality. So, go ahead and pursue that dream who knows you will get lucky. Greate write my friend!


I did not see the painting really, but you got a very clear picture of the painting story. You have a heart of a painter. How are you today my friend?


There's a an expression that says " To hit me with your fist , that I can take, But to hit me with your words, that will give me a heartache." You've said it perfectly clear and it's quite good to note that you did not shed your tears. great write my friend.

Sleepyhead - Awake!

Very fresh and vivid descritions. You made me feel like a child again. I remember too, the warmth sweet reassuring embrace of my mother. Great write my friend!

Your hair

My dear firend my mind was swayed by the "air" sounds at the end of every line. All I can say is " Your love for him is far beyond campare." "You are a true lover my lady Clare Astaire."

The Story of Nature

Incridibly refreshing. It's quite true. I f we only care to look, stop and listen then we can truly appreciate the story of nature.


Everything is possible under the heat of the sun. The once coldhearted can be warm again. all you have to do is to let it open again. You can do it.I believe you. It is not late to do it. Good outlet of innerself feeling. Let it out and be free. Thanks for sharing.

Politics...The Art Of Deception

An Artistic description of the real world politics. Quite true indeed my friend. I enjoyed it. How are you my friend?

Your Love Makes Me Whole (Valentine Special)

How are you my friend?

Whatever, whoever you are, I will always love you. A great description of a love beyond compare. Your love is "immensely unconditional". And that is as I may say the greatest love of all.
Lucky is the person who receives that kind of gift. Blessed is the person who shares it. Great write my friend!

Between the Trees

You are quite a nature lover. It feels heaven reading your poem- exquisitely and Vividly described.

It is always refreshing to reminish the past through nature.
They always bear witness to the past to the present and to the future.

Your poem reminded me about my past life in the farm when I was young.
Thanks for touching my life today.
How are you my friend?


How are you my friend?

I am quite sentimental about things, especially if given by imporatnt people. Whatever it was they have given us, it will always remind us of their loving heart.

Thanks for sharing. You touch my heart today!


Technically, your pattern is really great!!! AAB AAB Love it so much- especially the rhymes. But, the greatest thing of all is the laughter your poem induces. With all the "tion" you rhyme the backward cloud is really the culmination of all the "tion" you wrote. Very very very funny indeed.Thanks for the laughter you shared today!!!

From a Petal to a Rose

All hail to the knight in shining armor!
A celebration indeed is fit for saving the the sweet rose's honor!
I wish the never ending happiness for both of them.
Hope both will treasure each other more than the gem.

"And they live happily ever after." I love the way how you romanticised you lines. It's so beautifully done. great story my friend. Thanks for sharing. How are you my friend?

Desert wines and roses

I believe to much of everything is not really good. So agree with you when you said:

"I need your love and thirst the more I miss it,
but I shall never drink it to the bottom
since I know that even an oasis in Sahara
might run dry if overused and used unwisely,
so I'd rather thirst than risk to waste our love
on anything except the holiness of our togetherness."

GReat words my friend! happy New Year!!!

On the road to.....?

Well, I guess life is always a circle. when the end comes, it is always the beginning of another journey. That is how we learn what life is all about. As we learn through it, we grow in wisdom. Happy New Year my friend! It's great to read your work again.

Serenade of Dreams

How beautiful, breath taking and refreshing it is to read a poetic rendition of expressing love to one another most especially to your special love one. It's quite romantic. I guess it was beautiful when it was done on special occassion. Happy New Year my friend!!! It's been a long time that I have not read your "Obra Maestra". How are you?

No need to talk. the senses are recieving

Hello my friend!

I feel the ambience of great love between two lovers
I feel the heat of two hearts with all their powers.
I feel the trust intrusted as it showers
The two hearts with happiness in all daily hours.

Well, what can I say? It's really great to be in love! Isn't it?

My Chosen Mate Is You

Hello! It is my first time to read you poem but, I fall in love with it.

It is very rare to a person to speak about real love in its truest essence.
It is very lucky for a man to be love by you with all your quintessence.
You are that person whose love is undeniably unconditional.
He who luckily received it must return it with all its additional.

I say You are quite a romantic.

I love your simile.
I believe they are a beauty!

Help For Lords Sake poet bay rats

We cannot expect that everything will be perfect all the time. One thing for sure imperfection will always be there. Just keep trying. Sooner you will hit your mist. Be PATIENT TOO! Stay Cool and relax.

83) You May

It's a beautiful understanding of what LOVE is all about. and it is UNCONDITIONAL. Although it's imperfect but, Thats the beauty of it.
So, to quote your words:

"You may be just a dot in the world
but for me you are a sentence and a whole book.
You can be a neglected wave in the deep sea
but for me you are the ocean and my cup of tea"

Beautifully woven comparison!

Lock and Key

Although your writing here is a bit blue
Sorrowful expressions most especially are true.
What struck me most when I read your lines
are the mesmerizing words in rhyming signs.
Picturesque indeed,
In which case I may proceed.
Lock and Key? Quite a symbolic representation
of a close and open situation.
In which case I would rather say
It's up to us, to you, to choose. "Night or Day?!"

~Dance With Me Darling~

I would really love to thread with you a measure.
Just to feel your vibration with pleasure.
Let's do it together like poetry in motion.
Let's feel the heat and the beat of music with emotion.

Very Beautiful! I enjoyed it.(WLS)

The frailty of beauty

Your words here are truly great. You reminded me of that beauty that launched a thousand ships. Yes! I agree with you.

"Thus alone that beauty can redeem the world
when all world powers else must fail."

Thanks for the sharing!(WLS)

The Tree Of Love

What a beautifully woven metaphor you got here my friend. I hope it will continue to grow. I hope it will continue to bear fruit. I hope it will continue to sow the seeds for the generations to come. Great words!(WLS)

Coelomic Musings 2

I love the way you deliver your repetetive words. The words are like sounds of never ending melodies. It's a good stuff to muse at.
I say It's a work of Art. Good write my friend!(WLS)

Hypothetically Factual

It's so sad to note that as years pass by after the day we die we can only be remembered. But, I Think, If we want to be remembered well, we must do something beautiful to others so that our lives would be worth looking back. Interesting write my friend.(WLS)

I Won't Beg

I really emphatize with your feelings. I have that kind of Situation before and it's very difficult to let go someone very special in your life. Your heart will really grieve for that. Thanks for sharing my friend!(WLS)

How could I ever forget

I guess it's the loneliness which is inside us that triggers our mind to miss someone who has shared with us some special moments in our life. We always remember them. You are such a nice lady. Good write my friend.

Most strong are the words unspoken...

It is really deafening when you hear nothing. It's the sound of silence so to say.But, It will be beautiful if it can be express. nevertheless, I hope it will be done. Very strong words indeed! Great write my friend! It's been a long time. How are you there?

Calling All Angels

"It sounds like a sweet refrain
going to heaven like the condensation of rain."

I love reading and feeling the sounds of repetetive words and you did great here!


I really emphatise with the mood of your poem. But, I would rather say: Life

"Life is just an empty space
if you have no one to cheer your days,
share your reverie,
and fill the emptiness of your heart's misery."

I guess you need to hope that someone will come to cheer your days. and I believe that it will come again someday. Most importantly is the hope you have in your heart.

Cheer up my friend! Behind those dark clouds is the sun smiling at you.


At your age you talk about history and all that sort of things, It's sounds quite great and fantastic. It looks very historical and informative. Though wars are a bit mobid to talk about. Great work my friend!

There is a part of me

I guess no person in this world can be considered as "perfect." Therefore, we can only be sure to love a person as he/she is.in addition we have to love everything about that person if we truly love them. Unconditional Love I may say! great theme. very universal.

The crying tree

I firmly agree with you a million times. They too have feelings. I hope the world will fully realized it. Thanks for shring your ideas!

Coffee flavoured lies

I love drinking coffee especially lastte and I cannot help but think, how frowny my face will be if it that coffee does't have any of the following: a cube of sugar, a teaspoon of milk, a sachet of cream or a drop of milk. Coffee and lies?

The Gasp

AS I read your poem I feel like I am watching a movie in a slow motion waiting for the next turn of event. I guess the title fits itself 'cause I felt like gasping too. Lovely story!

Soft Serenity Along the Tweed

Nature coming hand-in-hand like people holding hand to hand. Isn't it a beauty to think and feel about it? lovely scenic words my friend. Especially these:

watching you walk in peace

holding my hand with ease

soft serenity along the Tweed

as you and I come in need

of our togetherness

The secret garden

It's so platonic to think about but it inasmuch as it's a secret I'd rather zip my mind and my lips so that I will not disturb the unconcious friendship that is growing between the two of you. Feeling cloud nine and falling in love again (may be for the nth time) I love reading it. Thanks for sharing!

The Sea

A metaphor so vividly showcased. Breathtaking!
I guess I have to read this one again. It feels great to read your work. I am honored.

Can't Let It Go

I f the guy really deserves you, go for it. If the guy cares for you, go for it. If the other girl is just a crowd, fight for him. May the best girl wins. Simple but very interesting to note. I will share the same passion with you.
Thanks for sharing.

Your Winter

A poetic irony!

"And I stepped into
The snowy white land
Where flowers blossomed
Through the ice"

Love this very much.

Who are we?

I cant imagine how they feel about not knowing their true identity. But in my heart it says "

I stand against all odds in band
Who tries to exploit the sand
Of my own native land.

Hefty loads may then I'll carry
If it is really necessary:
A manifestation of love to a country
Which is deep within me.

I don't want to be compelled
For I own this homestead.
I want to be respected
And not to be humiliated.

Maestoso, I say then
Over and over again
To the world of keen men.
"Be fair then!"

I share their tears and pains. Great write my friend!