Love, reciprocated or unreciprocated; requited or unrequited; is always an enriching experience

Your Love Makes Me Whole (Valentine Special)

When I love you
I love you with all my might
Irrespective of the fact
Whether you love me or not…
Because in loving you I realise myself:
I learn to what extent my love can go;
To the depth my love can reach;
To the heights my dreams can soar;
The elation my ecstasy can attain;
The anguish my agony can feel;
The pain that I can endure;
The sacrifice that I can make;
The selflessness with which I can love;
The patience with which I can wait…

Your love gives me so much
Your love makes me whole.

And if you reciprocate my love,
My happiness knows no bounds:
The world comes alive
Everything becomes lovely and bright
Each flower smells sweet
Each star shines bright.

And if you don’t return my love,
It doesn’t matter, my love, though
My anguish knows no bounds:
The world is black as hell
The fire of suffering scorches and burns
Everything loses its lustre
The sky is dark and dun.

Either way the feelings are strong
Strongest that can be
And that makes me stronger!

Because, I believe
‘It’s better to love and lose
Then never to love at all;’
Never to be loved at all!
Even if I lose you
You will live in my memory
And never leave my side
And that will enrich me!

I am strong as a rock
Tender as a dew drop
Deep as an ocean
Light as a feather
Radiant as a star
All because of your love.

I am Me with your love!
I am alive with your love!

Your love is enriching,
Enchanting and bewitching;
Strengthening, yet tender and soft
And that makes me happy-
Immensely happy and ecstatic
Of my lot.

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 992 times
Written on 2008-02-14 at 04:42

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Palitha Ariyarathna
Thanks for the wondering feelings that you grant to me for feel today that when I was reading your poem, myself still helpless in true and forever love, thanks for the heal my heart....!

It's better to love and lose
Then never to love at all;'
A wonderful line.
'It is better to be born and die
than never to be born at all'
I turned a youth when i read the poem.
you may read mine, A woman fortyplus aspires other woman related poems and pass on your views

Kishore ( Rebel Star)
Very well expressed...
But when Love is not isnt the end...

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
How are you my friend?

Whatever, whoever you are, I will always love you. A great description of a love beyond compare. Your love is "immensely unconditional". And that is as I may say the greatest love of all.
Lucky is the person who receives that kind of gift. Blessed is the person who shares it. Great write my friend!

Aisha Razem
Oh my dear Zoya
You put the feelings in sparkling words on this Day!!!
This day is fake but makes a huge facts space for so many innocents, like it used to make for us since long long thousands of years ago !!
Thanks Zoya

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Love is, you can't just give it away, it either is or it isn't - and when you love, you hope it is reciprocated - but the heart will lead and I think it is still better to know the highs and lows of love - it is how you learn to care

Elle x

Rob Graber
Unrequited love as enriching--a noble perspective well expressed!

ah, love, what can I say O I think you just said it all very beautifully...great work Z....loved reading it...(bought back lovely and painful memories)

Loved it