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I introduce myself as a world-renowned poet with poems published in various books. I was born in Springfield, Illinois and moved to Colorado at age three. I currently live in the Rocky Mountains, and love the natural setting of Colorado. I had been an active writer of short stories until I met a very special girl who found the gift of poetry within me and brought it out to be shared with the world.

I have two brothers, one sister and many nephews and nieces. I have always been in tune with my emotional being. Many say I am sensitive to life's ups and downs. Each day is a new beginning and should be lived to the fullest. One should always strive to make the best of life; we are only given one life to live. I strive to reach out to the world and share my passion for poetry in hopes of enkindling warm smiles.

There is nothing more inspiring than daily life; life is poetry in motion, great poets reflect emotion. I write on a variety of topics, so there is something for everyone to savor. I have just signed a contract for a romance novel and should be available soon. I hope you enjoy my creative writing style as my poetry flows from my heart to yours.

Mickey Pig Knuckles

from USA

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