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Im hopeful you will go to my blog even if only for a moment because it adds a dot to my map at the bottom of the page for the town you visit from.
Your site: http://www.lostinmydream.blogspot.com/

I didn't care much for writing when I was in high school, or for typing for that matter, both have haunted me over the years. I was born on a beautiful winters day in Afton, Wyoming, in June. We had 9 months of winter and 3 months of fair skiing. You can see snow from my front porch every day of the year if you look high enough. I moved from there when my parents divorced. I was 17. Four years later I was in the Army, 23 years later again I was out. I saw the best and the worst the world has to offer during those years. I write music, and poetry, play piano and guitar, all badly. I wrote a book called A Broken Man. No one bought it but I have a copie so I count it. It's about a man who fell deeply in love with a beautiful young woman who could not love him back. He works with her and sees her everyday and they become friends and then something more. Then one day she has to leave and in a desperate attempt to let her know how he feels he writes her a note telling her that he loves her. After she leaves she reads the note again and again and she crys and calls the man to tell him she loves him and that she does not want to lose him, and they never see each other again. It's autobiographical.
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"This to shall pass"