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My name is Brittany, but I prefer going by Luna. I'm a married 25 year old mother of one adorable little girl. I've been writing poetry for most of my life and it is one of the only things that got me through some of the most challenging parts of my life (my mother's death, a near-fatal car crash, etc.). I've had many poems published in online journals as well as a few in print. Some examples are Leaves of Ink, The World of Myth Magazine, Dead Snakes, Mad Swirl, and The Camel Saloon. I also run a blog. I'm friendly, but reserved. Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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I also have a GoFundMe going to try and get me to an event in memory of my mom who died when I was just 21. Here is the link if anyone wants to see it or share it.



29 years old from USA


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