Written about the loss of my mom. Published in Mad Swirl. http://madswirl.com/poetry/2015/06/thunder/


those days spent gliding through the streets

rubber on concrete and distant laughter

with the sun bearing down on our backs

you once told me you loved me

on a trip to an infamous amusement park

shortly before your sickness began

we saw funny hats and there were no long faces

then it came like a landslide

your steps grew slower and each breath more hoarse

and on a night where the sky opened wide

the rain fell like thunderous sorrow

your smile echoed through my screaming soul

Poetry by BrittanyZedalis
Read 740 times
Written on 2018-02-03 at 08:54

Tags Death  Mom  Cancer 

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This is so beautuful! You have personified pain into words. There are few things as painful to a young daughter as the untimely loss of a beloved mother. Your writing is strong and passionate
An excellent poem.