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from Sweden
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TAG NAME Love Published
I loved him so EMITSTI 2008-05-20
She was in love EMITSTI 2008-04-16
He cheated her EMITSTI 2008-04-16
I so much love you EMITSTI 2008-04-16
She loved him instantly EMITSTI 2008-02-25
I have not seen him for five years (2) EMITSTI 2008-01-17
I wanted you (2) EMITSTI 2008-01-07
He loves as much as you do (1) EMITSTI 2007-12-11
Love is a tiny detail (1) EMITSTI 2007-12-07
Touch (6) EMITSTI 2007-12-04
Appreciate me till I die (1) EMITSTI 2007-11-19
Never underestimate (1) EMITSTI 2007-11-18
Today I loved you more EMITSTI 2007-11-15
Don't ask me to do things EMITSTI 2007-11-01
I once looked at you (3) EMITSTI 2007-10-01
You are so lucky (1) EMITSTI 2007-10-01
Blue water again (1) EMITSTI 2007-09-27
I meant to say (3) EMITSTI 2007-09-25
I loved you so much (1) EMITSTI 2007-09-24
So much love (2) EMITSTI 2007-09-21

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