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"as the sun misses the flower" (9) StillHoppin 2013-06-10
Winternight Telesforos 2010-01-18
Snow (3) pangasius 2010-01-16
Snow wandering and loneliness (2) Telesforos 2010-01-01
Calmness (2) pic TonyD 2009-03-27
[//FUlFill.] Tori 2007-12-18
Not one step closer to the edge (1) Telesforos 2006-11-06
Snow Shines Forever in Our Eyes Amy Buchanan 2006-11-02
Haiku one winter morning (1) Charles F Kane 2006-10-30
Winter-Haiku (2) Telesforos 2006-05-06
A light flickers (3) Peter 2006-01-18
Sun, Moon and the Virgin Snow (21) pic Zoya Zaidi 2006-01-05