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1. Essence (co-write with Michael Meddings)
2. Rekindled by Michael Meddings and Katherine Lockhart (a co-write)
3. Simply You (co write with Michael Meddings)
4. Far Horizons (co-write with lastromantichero)
5. The Eden of Our Hearts (sestina co write with Michael Meddings)
6. Softly I Come To You ( cinquain poem co-write with Michael Meddings)
7. Way Back When (co-write with Michael Meddings)
8. Soft Romance (Co-write with Michael Meddings)
9. September Song (Co-Write with Michael Meddings)
10. Beyond The Dawn Of Love (co-written with Lastromantichero)
11. Kismet (co-write with Lastromantichero) for Aaron's Twilight Challenge
12. Verdant Fields of Love (co-written with the Lastromantichero)
13. First Date (co-write with Lastromantichero)
14. Heart Song co-written with Michael Meddings
15. The Real Thing co-written with Michael Meddings
16. Maybe yes, Maybe no (co-written with Lastromantichero)
17. Rapture In The Rain (co-written by Lastromantichero and Kathy Lockhart)
18. Splendor by Michael Meddings and Katherine Lockhart
19. Embraced ~cowritten by Lastromantichero and Kathy Lockhart ~A Challenge
20. Our Dreamed Destiny co-written with Lastromantichero

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The Misty Yearnings of Our Souls
Poetry by
Kathy Lockhart

This book is a collection of co-writes between Michael Meddings and me written with all the love we have found.

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