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1. A song is echoing in the Cosmic mind
2. Beneath Orion's Sword
3. The Signature of Our Souls
4. The Birth Cry of Hope
5. Lost innocence - Hear me
6. Children of the dawn
7. Two lonely hearts daydream (scene two musical)
8. Not another Madonna it's not your stage persona
9. "handwriting on the wall"
10. The touch of the magic pearl
11. Echoes! (a monologue of raving madness)
12. Inferno De Aqua!(my contribution to Hell - challenge)
13. The tale of a hungry artist...
14. Behind my tears (monologue)co- writing with KJC
15. The night the lights went out
16. The afterlife of undying lovers
17. Singing in the rain(blues)
18. The Queen of butterflies
19. The lawyer of the heart
20. In my ocean of emotions

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Poetry by
night soul woman

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