In memory of my father

Crystals in the needle's eye

A pauper in a frozen paradise, that's what I am;
a lost messenger among dead crowns of trees

Still exists the thought
       that light is light
although it shines
       from dead stars;

and the silence is memories
of the interpreter's black telescope
where they once were seen glittering




Poetry by Telesforos
Read 918 times
Written on 2009-04-01 at 14:27

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chuma okafor
As always your text are thought provoking...memories of loved ones are like erased pictures, they always leave a mark.cheers

We can't decide about the stars' light.
But, we can decide about the memory of those who passed away.
We can cultivate it like a plant, a living thing...

Thank you very much for this beautiful text!


Silence and memories
by Telesforos