Be joyous and hilarious, be hopeful and thankful, be glad and never sad, love always in all the ways, be kind toward mankind, show love like God-above.

Be Firm to Positively Affirm

Let us pray everyday
In a hopeful way
And calmly ever stay
For worries to go away

Let us love and live
By being ever positive
And the best, if we give
Our joy, none can thieve

Let us offer help
For all to develop
Via a noble step
With mercy in lip

Let us show concern
And like Sun burn
To bring a good turn
By remaining stern

Let us dry tears
And bring cheers
By ending fears
So peace nears

If worry does raid
And all are afraid
Wisdom will aid
To pour joy inside

Let us be bold
Let love be told
Calm, let us hold
For peace to unfold

If we kindly talk
Bliss, we stock
We remove block
Joy, we unlock

If peace we need
Let good deed
Be done with speed
To destroy weed

By showing care
If we remain fair
Nothing can scare
As guts we share


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 756 times
Written on 2016-04-02 at 20:42

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