Ref: Good Boys, Little Girl Inside Big Girl, Introspection

The dark side of the moon.

A Corner Full of Rags

There are dark things and scenes and screams in this world
Sometimes we ignore them.
We always deplore them while
So many endure them, as long as its not of us.
You see.
Those awful dirty rags left in the corner stink of blood, dung, and urine
Those bodily fluids left on babies, girls and good little boys
Those children that don't make any noise.
You know those kiddos
You might fret about.
Believe it would never be about you and yours.
Those innocents, whose life was changed by another's selfish desires,
Lusting after little lambs, bringing them to the slaughter at the altar of Baal.
HELL here on Earth.
Children wretched and wrenched, touched and torched,
Bent and bothered for the pleasure of vileness.
Scream it out loud! Tell the truth of it!
No more hiding behind those walls made of shame!
Shame belongs to those who thrust themselves on those
Who were tossed and turned upon the lascivious sea of iniquity.
Shame is the name of those who will not see.
Shame is the name of the trusted one, who took away the child
And left the poor injured piles of rags
In the corner
Stinking of blood, dung, and urine.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1055 times
Written on 2016-05-05 at 19:20

Tags Abuse  Sexual  Child 

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France England
Oh how well I know of this act of the world eating its young; so to speak. It had to start with some kind of selfish act that kept being swept under the rugs of dirt and filth; the kind of life people pay to view behind closed doors. The young, our tomorrow without the touch on love and kindness and as an adult I feel the shame and the pain that every human being must share before setting out to change all that will destroy what was once great to a pile of matter not worth the mention. Knowing more than most people will ever experience because I once worked with the children left behind to do for themselves. Oh what a mess we've made! Great write for the heartfelt and lovely for all mankind. Thank you.

Ivan R
Important as hell this is. Hell is on earth and it is caused by human beings. So if other beings are causing that, then there are those who can fight it. This poem is so great in that it brings forth the corners, and tells us to see that darkness happening there ... you are so right, and so strong in this direct cry for change.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
A very raw, affecting poem, Kathy.

" "
That's a display of how inept my comments are for these victims
I have no words that could comfort.

Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
This is so powerful. But it needs to be expressed this way. With utter disgust. I do not understand how such abhorrent vileness exists in this world. It is a great piece and thank you for sharing it.

This is a very hard-hitting poem. The image of rags in a corner is striking and endures long after I've finished reading. I think a lot of people are frightened to acknowledge that such darkness exists in the world. A strong and disturbing piece. FT

Mick Bean
Wrote with feeling and passion/understanding. Thank you for letting me read it. Well done.

The dark things, and screams and scenes are dark Indeed. Tremendous power n this poem.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
A very powerful - write indeed.