When is this acceptable? When will people really start paying attention?

In what world?

A man standing alone,
smoking up a bone,
searching for the next victim,
of his sick detested mind.

An innocent little girl walks by,
humming to a tune, in a voice quite high.
He takes a quick glance around,
then grabs her and throws her things to the ground.

Weeks later her body is found,
mangled and thrashed,
laying on the ground.

Her parents are weeping,
Her friends are in awe.
And the man who killed her,
says nothing at all...

Poetry by Painful Profits
Read 602 times
Written on 2006-05-09 at 02:26

Tags Rape  Psychotic  Murder 

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p.s. typo on "victom", make it read 'victim' and you're all set. :_) cheers, Rick

In this world it seems....
and there are I know countless victims that do survive and don't receive a transference of such evil into their souls -
they too have no voice and I am sure each of us knows at least one of these survivors or may even be one themselves.

oh, my goodness...

In response to your questions:

It isn't. Ever.

I don't know. Maybe never.

This is very powerful.