Days are Ticking By

So another day ticks by another day wasted,
Another day that's passed by going in its own way.
When will life finally even start to catch up?
Its almost like it's sleeping, well it's time to wake up.

Unfotunately even if I want to blame life in itself
I can't,
Because people are supposed make out of it what they can,
And if they don't do what they want then it's pointless,
Life is supposed to be whatever that you want it.

So i'm saying please do not make my own mistake,
Do what you want and never regret that you want it
Even if you get into some trouble, what's the difference?
You fulfilled that day and make it worth it.

Poetry by Painful Profits
Read 1188 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 00:02

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Nicely done.. I agree fully.. I believe in doing whatever feels right, even if it does get you in trouble.. We live only once - let's make the best out of it, let's dare to be wild..
x Francesca