she's gone

Well It's Over

well it's over
and i just found out today
this pain is unbelievable
and it just won't go away

I'm drowning in my sorrow
how could i let this happen
it's all my fault and i'm
prolly not gonna see tomorrow

why is it that everytime
i get the feeling that
i'm part of something special
and it seems like everthing is fine

but out of nowhere things change
but i was blind and missed the truth
my time, although it's done,
seperated what was once so good

I missed out on what is possibly
the biggest chance i had
of finding my true love
and living life like i wasn't stark raving mad.

Poetry by Painful Profits
Read 1154 times
Written on 2006-11-09 at 04:13

Tags Lostlove  Missingout  Longgone 

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HEY YOU are just a Human being,sorry, not JUST a human being I guess you have to accept the conditions.

I dont know why our hearts have the special ability to get so hurt and make us feel so empty (literally you feel a void), so naive and pretty much darken the whole horizon of the future ahead. I empathise,my dear.Especially when you thought you were giving all that you had only to realize that something went so never saw it coming and most probably you cant fix it are just left alone thinking about things you shouldnt be thinking about.I guess it may be over but somehow I guess life must damn go on:)