For a band that has not yet been made.

Midnight Riot

I wish I didn't,
but I know I did,
and I know it felt so good.
I wish I knew,
what tomorrow would bring,
so I could know,
all these little things,
that seep into my mind,
like water to a sponge,
and call me crazy,
but I've got a hunch,
and I've got my finger on the trigger,
pointed at society,
yeah, he's Midnight Riot's singer,
thanks for asking,
but I wish you didn't,
but I know you did,
and I know I know that you don't care,
yes, he's the drummer,
yes, he's the bassist,
no one notices the guitarist.

Poetry by Lucas
Read 831 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 21:04

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I know midnight riot's singer... even I realize hes foxy. its scary. cool stuff lucas. (yes I must pat my ego)

no one notices the guitarist! :(

Sometimes that's true.
But when the quitarist gets noticed -
he usually gets loyal fans....
no fickle-minded ones :_)