just a discription

The way I Am

It's hard for people to accept,
The way that i grab life,
In no way do i conform,
I rebel to cause more strife.

Teachers do not understand,
why i blow off work,
It takes them time to take at hand,
That i don't give a fuck.

They think that i am brilliant,
it's just a fickle play,
it's supposed to motivate,
but i just laugh and say;

I can't believe you are so dim,
you have a p.h. what?
you say that i should try to win,
win at fucking what?

Be first in my class in eighth grade?
Oh sure it looks so grand!
But when you know it's a waste of time,
you gain indifference for, "the man"

They reply in some astoundment,
a demerit written out,
peeps then remember my testament,
Don't even worry about.

don't worry for the way i feel,
it's only temporary,
when i graduate from middle school,
I'll become a learning tributary.

I'll soak it all like a seabound sponge,
remembering little details,
'cause when i try i do the best,
I surely will not fail

Though for now i will continue,
in my aweful ways,
until arrives a challenge,
and good grades will be repaid.

Poetry by Painful Profits
Read 583 times
Written on 2006-05-11 at 00:25

Tags Indifference  Lazy  Hatred 

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