Duty pays, but via poetry, my heart prays, Duty supplies funds, but, peace, poetry alone recommends, Duty gives monetary relief, but poetry ends grief, Duty is a must to decently live, poetry is a must as it makes me believe.

Are Regrets my Only Assets?

O- God- Time is very limited
Important things are omitted
Life goes on in a chaotic way
Wastefully spent each day

In a hurry, I go to my office
And like slaves give my service
My life depends on little money
And I feel not life is so sunny

That which I love, I can't perform
I can't brave this monetary storm
For the sake of money, I surrender
My liberty and many acts, I render

My love to imagine and write
To give to this World fine delight
Is remaining a mere dream only
I have no peace in my mind truly

Daily time is stolen by fate
I stand out of Heaven's gate
My life is crippled by matter
That shutters my laughter

I am by many things chained
Due to this, I haven't gained
Sorrow rides my life cheerfully
I feel gloomy to say truthfully

I am caught in a strange cycle
Struggles my simple body-vehicle
I am unable to come out of it
So, by weeping, I inside ever sit

Either I must voluntarily retire
So that, peace, I can then hire
But, I must see other reasons
That act as solidly made prisons

I am paid well to take care nicely
Due to the job, to say precisely
Duty must be well-discharged
By money, peace is enlarged

I must feel philosophically
And function mechanically
Until the time of retirement
Then, peace is permanent

We must always be shrewd
And never try to be rude
This attitude must ever stay
To make glorious our each day.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 892 times
Written on 2016-09-02 at 09:36

Tags Occupation  Celebration  Superannuation 

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Dear Ken D Williams,

I am honored by your encouraging comment.

I am now a retired man for the past three years, but by

Corona, I as well as the whole World was and is baffled.

Forgive me for a delayed reply.

Once again thanks a lot my dear friend!

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
An interesting - work - and relevant. Only one who writes - can turn thoughts - thinking. And put them in to words - in to a story-poem. I solute you. Applaud you.